Nicole Verges


Zack Saucier

Nicole Verges and Zack Saucier

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Our Story

Nicole and Zack met during a road trip to Gainesville, Florida in 2008 to watch LSU play UF, and began "officially" dating the following spring. In November 2017, Zack planned a special dinner out for the two of them on the night before Thanksgiving at Clancy's. Dinner came and went, and they were on their way to Zack's parent’s house to pick something up - or so Nicole thought. As they got out of the car to walk into his parent’s house, Zack dropped to his knee and proposed. They opened the front doors and were met by their family and friends waiting inside to surprise them.

They are so excited to start the next chapter of their lives together and can't wait to celebrate with you in March!
Kimberly FitzSimons